About our logo:

bird-sketch200“A Free Bird” logo represents liberation through art.  We give our dove a vast pair wings because “A Free Bird” has the strength to fly up from the depths of cancer.  It carries children on its back to show them the way to freedom. The crown stands for victory. The shield is for protection. The array of artistic symbols shows our dedication to helping young artists who work with a variety of different mediums and stands to empower each bird to fly free.

About our background image:


Godni has worked to create an image that signifies the mission of “A Free Bird.”  The crystal ball is supported by the tree of life and reflects the dreams that give our lives a glimpse of hope and a spark of creative passion! We want young artists who have been affected by cancer to have the opportunity to fully realize and pursue their dreams and their futures.  The roots of the tree are deeply grounded in the earth, laying a strong foundation for them to transform their aspirations into action. Stacey Patterson, the talented artist who created this background image, is passionate about helping those affected by this daunting sickness since she lost her own mother to cancer.  We appreciate her heartfelt contribution to our cause.