A Free Bird is an entirely volunteer-run organization committed to helping young people (ages 4-8) fight cancer through the healing power of the arts in everyday life. Recognized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and honored by Mayor Bill DeBlasio for our philanthropic efforts, we provide arts education resources to hospitals and pediatric cancer patients to help them express their ideas and develop their passions while facing treatment.

We have resources in all art forms and make them available to kids, their parents, and hospitals, thanks to the help of our collaborative partners, including museums, dance companies, musicians, theatre companies and more! We work closely with our partners to give children hope for their future.

Through our three core programs: Dream, Fight Free, and Free, we are jumpstarting and nourishing the careers of our young artists.

A Free Bird was established in 2008 and became a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization by January 2011. In addition to our collaborative arts education partners, we also receive support from many corporations who provide us with generous donations. A Free Bird is an entirely volunteer-based organization with 100% of donations and fundraiser proceeds going directly toward programming. We are currently operating out of New York and New Jersey while helping children nationwide.
Funding for arts education programming in schools is consistently the first to be cut, but the number of children diagnosed with cancer per year is increasing. We at A Free Bird believe children are natural artists who can reveal exceptional talent when given the right guidance. With your help, we can achieve even more in the future.