The idea for A Free Bird™ was born out of the creative energy experienced firsthand by singer/songwriter and makeup artist, Godni Amir, founder and president of the organization. When Godni’s voice teacher, Gail found out her husband had been diagnosed with cancer, she had to stop teaching and become his primary caregiver. Soon after, she was also diagnosed with cancer. Although she and her husband struggled to defeat the disease, she never gave up her passion for the arts!

Deeply touched by Gail’s determination to continue teaching and pursuing her creative endeavors, Godni was inspired to write music and poetry that reflected her benevolent spirit, which lead to the creation of a poem called “A Free Bird.” After seeing how creative energy could provide solace and inspiration to cancer patients, Godni wanted to share the healing power of the arts with others. A Free Bird™ was then created, delivering the message that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves and fly free.