Celebrating our young artists as trained creative forces of nature, all while launching them into the world as who they truly are: rising stars!

Our FREE (ages 4-13) and FREE PRO (ages 14-18) programs strive to meet the needs of children who are in remission from cancer. These programs supports each individual’s creative progress that may have been stifled during their hospitalization and celebrates their journey both as an artist and a survivor of cancer.

We strive to give children an experience like no other and to go big! Aspiring models get to walk their first runway, singers perform for a large audience. Glitz and glamour aplenty, the kids who participate in the FREE program get the full-fledged celebrity experience. FREE PRO (ages 14-18) takes our more mature artists and launches them into the NYC creative community as professionals. For example, artists participate in their very own show at a gallery in the city, and musicians are able to utilize A Free Bird to release their first single.

The FREE program also continues to provide young survivors with a wide range of art lessons including music, acting, poetry, graphic design, singing, and any other passions they seek to explore.  We connect them with professionals that help guide them in their creative pursuits and provide them with information about grants, contests, publishers, and other outlets our young artists can utilize while developing their creative career.