Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to announce the launch of our “I Am A Free Bird” Campaign!! Please check out our Campaign video by clicking the link below.

Everything is an art and each one of us has an artistic side, whether it is writing, communication, sports, cooking, computer programming, teaching, comedy, gaming, Anything that you take and put creativity into is considered an art. We need each one of you to help support us in liberating children through the arts who are affected by cancer every day nationwide. As a tribute to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are asking you to create a video. We would now like to ask all of you, How Are You A Free Bird? You can show this by posting videos on social media performing an art/activity that that makes you feel free and exclaiming I am an______, I am a free bird!!! Let’s work together in inspiring children everywhere to use the arts to ‘fly free’ from their struggles because arts beat cancer!! #IAmAFreeBird #HowAreYouAFreeBird


Please also check out our new song/anthem for using the arts to fight childhood cancer called “*I Am A Free Bird” here:












Download the song on CDbaby for just $1.29 so that we will be able to help more children with cancer.