Take Flight

Our core program, Take Flight, offers pediatric cancer patients ages 4 – 18 arts education, materials, and one-on-one access to creative mentors, many of whom are distinguished professionals in the New York City arts community—all free of charge. We also provide in-home access to professional art therapists in special circumstances. 

Lessons are arranged on a regular basis, depending on the needs of the child, and can be provided in the hospital or at the child’s home. Whether your child is interested in visual arts, acting, creative writing, music, or any other art form, A Free Bird will create a custom curriculum geared to their passion. Children will work toward accomplishing a goal specific to their chosen field. A rising musician? They can try their hand at mastering an instrument. A writer? They can learn to craft a story, play, or screenplay with their mentor’s guidance.

The options are endless. Each provides your child with an outlet for creative expression and a daily source of strength and purpose.

Questions? Contact us at programs@afreebird.org

To enroll your child, apply here.

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